Friday, February 13, 2009

Google exits terrestrial radio advertising biz

Here is a lost opportunity. Google is getting out of the terrestrial radio audio advertising business. They say they will continue serving online audio ads.

The linked article mentions that total radio advertising has dropped. That seems to be a non-sequitur for Google, since they were starting from a 0% share of that market. Another article notes Google was mostly getting the low value remnant ad market.

Google was smart to try to expand their advertising empire offline. The number of people in real life dwarfs the number on the Internet.

I really thought that their democratization of advertising would lower the barrier to entry for radio advertising. However, audio ads are definitely more difficult to create than simply typing a few lines of text for an AdWords campaign.

Hopefully their online audio advertising can eventually help independent programmers make the Internet radio model work. I won't be surprised to see Google back in offline advertising in the future.

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