Saturday, July 9, 2011

Music Sales Leveling Off?

Here's a story from TechCrunch covering SoundScan news that music sales may have finally hit bottom. My favorite part is where they call out the labels that "acted like a petulant child in the face of the digital revolution".

Google+1 Button Documentation

Here's where to get the Google+1 social sharing button for your web site.

Here's a function I use in my global site JavaScript file to also track events in Google Analytics when people turn the +1 button on or off. To use this, add googlePlusOneCallback as "JS Callback function" under the "Advanced options" when you configure your button. Update the last 3 values for the way you track events on your site. (The values I used below will track a Google Analytics Event with Category "share", Action "googleplus-on" or "googleplus-off", and the Label will be the URL of the page the button was on.)

function googlePlusOneCallback(obj){

As more companies encourage their customers or users to share more, people are beginning to notice and worry.