Friday, February 13, 2009

Microsoft reorgs Zune

This can't be good. Microsoft is splitting the Zune hardware team from the software and programming team.

The article also mentions Zune's device has merely cannibalized other non-iPod devices that used Microsoft's DRM under the "Plays for Sure" logo program. It's apparently made no dent in Apple's MP3 player market share.

I subscribe to Zune, but find their marketplace useless and their software client confusing. There's never anything I want to listen to on the main Zune page, and so far I haven't figured out any way to personalize it, or to automatically "recharge" my Zune with music I will like. Zune also infuriates me by showing me music in search results that they don't have. What's the point of that? To tease me, or to piss me off?

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