Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to add a Pinterest button to your web site

Pinterest is all the rage right now, and of course they have their own sharing button!

If you don't want to use their preferred code (or if you don't want to put their JavaScript on your site), you can also create a simple link using this format:

  • url is your HMTL page's link (not the image, but the page it's on)
  • media is the URL of the image you want people to share
  • description is optional text you can include so people don't have to write their own

If you want to put that in a pop-up, just use this link to let people click a little Pinterest icon:

<a href="" onclick="'', 'pinterest', 'toolbar=0, resizable=1, status=0, width=626, height=430');return(false);"><img src="" width="16" height="16"></a>